hieronymous bosch

so i started this journey to create some characters inspired by hieronymous bosch paintings and i know the skills i need to learn on the way. the skills include, in no particular order 

  1. sculpting in zbrush
  2. retopologizing
  3. generate uv maps
  4. texture baking
  5. importing, painting and exporting from substance painter
  6. creating a texture that mirrors cracked paint as in an old painting
  7. rigging the character in cinema 4d (or maya?)
  8. building a very simple scene or just a 360 for output 
  9. posting on social/blog

i’m sure i’ll update this list as i progress

i know this is a huge amount of learning but my goal is to produce one character a week.  my first project took me a lot longer than a week to learn the basic skills but the file was mostly done in a little over a week from start to finish.  the final output is not a masterpiece and it’s not rigged and the textures are stretched and messy and the 360 is meh.

at this point my goal is not to produce a beautiful artwork every week but to build up my skills and get used to the software and see what the stumbling blocks will be and to refine the process over time and to hone my vision. i don’t want to get hung up on creating ‘perfect’ artworks from the start as i feel that will impede my progress, induce procrastination and be of little value at the outset. later when i have more developed characters

i deliberately am starting with very simple characters and i aim to increase the complexity over time.

by Hugh O'Malley, Beauty Photographer and Videographer based in Shanghai